Kerrie Lyons


“Who is your customer?” You’ll hear Kerrie repeat this question over and over again.

Understanding your customers and how you reach, connect and engage with your target audiences is what will set your brand apart.

Kerrie has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and communication. She has worked within both public and private sectors, managing small and large teams, budgets and brands. Since 2009, Kerrie has worked across many wine brands and has provided marketing and communications support as an internal team member, and as a consultant.

Totem Marketing’s journey began in 2017 and from this time, Kerrie has come to work with prominent beer, wine and spirit brands in what has been a booming market for craft and bespoke drinks.

With a Masters in Wine Business, a Graduate Diploma in Journalism Kerrie is astutely qualified to provide industry advice with honed skills in writing, planning, creative development and strategy. She is also currently engaged in postgraduate research at the Australian National University, with a focus on the Anthropology of Drinks.

Kerrie will work with you to develop your brand, set your strategic marketing goals and establish a keen understanding of your customer to help shape your business for an adaptive and customer focused future.

Kerrie has extensive marketing and communications experience to help you manage events, media engagement, social and digital media, copywriting, video production, photography, direct to consumer strategies and much more.

Please get in touch via phone or email to find out how Kerrie and the Totem Marketing team can support the growth and direction of your brand.

Kerrie Lyons