Terms and Conditions

  1. Hours of Operation: Totem Marketing’s official opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm. Staff may work on tasks and projects outside of these hours however all client communication will take place during these official hours.
  2. Weekends: Totem Marketing staff are available to work specific weekends to attend meetings or work directly for the client if this time has been planned and scheduled between Totem Marketing and the client. Out of hours fees will apply.
  3. Billing: All invoices will be based on a quote approved by the client. Quotes can be generated on a project fee or allocation of hours. If a client requests additional work, outside of the scope of the approved quote, work will be charged by the hour at a rate agreed with the client.
    Retainer invoices will be issued monthly at the start of each month with a two-week payment term. Project invoices will be issued progressively over the period of course of the project, in the following schedule:
  • 50% commencement invoice
  • 25% mid-project progression invoice
  • 25% completion invoice
  1. Retainer agreements: A structured retainer agreement can provide consistency of service to clients who seek the same delivery of activity each month. A retainer is based on an agreed activity list and an allocation of hours.
    Totem Marketing recognises the hours required to service a retainer agreement could fluctuate each month depending on priorities. If the retainer hours are consistently exceeded over a three-month period, Totem Marketing will present a new agreement for review and approval, or additional hours may be charged.
  1. Travel costs: any costs incurred travelling to and from owned and operated client premises will not incur any fees. However, costs incurred travelling to and from off-site venues and premises will incur fees charged on to the client.
  2. Per diems: If a staff member is required to attend to an event or on-site activity per diems will apply.
  3. Supplier billing: Totem Marketing can effectively coordinate third party supply to each client based on project requirements. Supplier costs will be passed on to the client with an industry standard rate to cover administration time to source and supply.
  4. Amendments: Each quote includes two rounds of review and amendments. Any additional reviews or amendments requested by the client will be charged in addition to the approved quote. This applies to strategy documents, copywriting, graphic design, advertising, press releases and any other work produced, which requires client finalisation and approval for delivery.
  5. Timekeeping: Time sheets for projects can be provided to clients upon request. All members of the project team keep Timesheets. Activity is recorded in fifteen-minute intervals and applies to all client work, including meetings, emails and phone calls.
  6. Client meetings: Totem Marketing will hold a monthly client meeting to review and build on the Work In Progress report within the parameters of the agreement. Additional meetings can be facilitated within the structure of the assigned hours if required. However, this may reduce time allocated to other tasks.
  7. Reporting. Totem Marketing seeks to keep each client updated with Work In Progress reports, telephone and email updates and a project finalisation report. Totem Marketing seeks to establish objectives and KPIs at the start of each project and report on the outcomes based on these objectives and KPIs at the completion of the project.
  8. Confidentiality: Information acquired by Totem Marketing in the course of the engagement is subject to strict confidentiality requirements. That we will not disclose information to other parties except as required or allowed for by law, or with your express consent.
  9. Dispute and Resolution: In the interest of customer service and satisfaction, Totem Marketing will always seek to deliver the best results for our clients. Totem Marketing is open to negotiate payment terms, priorities and approach. We depend on good communication to deliver our work and ask for clients to communicate requirements clearly and in advance of project commencement.Totem Marketing also requests clients to respect our business needs and financial commitments to staff and suppliers. It is important for invoices to be paid within the two-week payment term or within the payment terms agreed between Totem Marketing and the client.If a pattern of failed communication between Totem Marketing and the client emerges, or invoices remain unpaid, Totem Marketing will initially seek mediation to resolve the dispute or if this fails, will seek legal advice.
  10. Client Satisfaction: The client can at any time contact Totem Marketing partners, Kerrie Lyons or Zoe Ottaway to express any concern or dissatisfaction with service delivery. Every attempt will be made to correct the situation and deliver work to meet or indeed exceed client expectations.